Help us respond to a global healthcare crisis! image

Help us respond to a global healthcare crisis!

Your donation helps provide free online medical care for patients in underserved areas


Help us respond to a global healthcare crisis.

Help us save lives and relieve suffering of patients in need!.

Global Telehealth Network's physician volunteers offer free, online consultations to assist doctors, nurses, and other health workers in medically underserved areas as they treat patients who have limited access to care.

Your support can have a tremendous impact on people in under-resourced countries, conflict zones, refugee camps and disaster areas around the world, as well as in underserved areas of the United States!

Global Telehealth Network provides free, online healthcare by connecting a worldwide network of volunteer doctors with patients in need, but with little or no access to medical care.

Take action against worldwide suffering in disaster areas, conflict zones, refugee camps, under-resourced hospitals, free clinics, centers for victims of human trafficking, and mental health services.

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